Modi Sarkar : Lost in Journey

It was a bright day in April 2014, when I was reading Manifesto 2014 of BJP. Strategically released just a day before first polling for Loksabha 2014 starts. Congress blamed BJP of Manifesto theft, it was true also in some sense.

Anyway, after reading Manifesto, even if copied, I was hopeful, I was happy. After two years when I am revisiting the road map again, I found Modi Sarkar has drifted away and clueless where to go from here.

Under “Building India” BJP said to built 100 new cities. Is this difficult to understand “100 NEW CITIES”! What does it mean? Now BJP is trying to do some face saving act by declaring existing cities will be converted to Smart Cities. Promise of new cities : Hope it remains in next manifesto of BJP again.

Under “Checking Price Rise” BJP said “Strict measures and special Courts to stop hoarding and black marketing, Set up a Price Stabilization Fund & Evolve a single ‘National Agriculture Market etcetra.” I don’t see except crude any price came down and for this someday our clueless FM may claim his achievement. Saw the biggest hoarding of pulses and then no measures to bring prices back to where it was! Prize stabilized but to a level where middle class thinks to buy or not to buy pulses.

Under “Fighting Corruption” BJP said “Establish a system, which eliminates the scope for corruption. Technology enabled e-Governance – minimizing the discretion in the
citizen-government interface. System-based, policy-driven governance – making it transparent. Simplification of the processes and procedures at all levels – bestowing faith in the citizens, institutions and establishments.” What in actual done by Modi Sarkar on corruption in last two years? Well, we have seen Sushma, Vasundhara, Pankaja and Gujarat’s famous pomegranate. If these examples are not enough there is Vyapam which has combo of corruption and killings and a silent PM & mute spectator.

Under “Employment and Entrepreneurship” BJP said “Strategically developing Labour-intensive sectors like textile, infrastructure, housing and Tourism. Strengthening the traditional employment bases of agriculture and allied industries, and retail through modernization. Transform Employment Exchanges into Career Centres.” While strategically developing & strengthening employment gone for a toss with clueless people handling matters, ‘Transforming Emplyment exchanges into career centers’ has proved to be just another Jumla.

On “Women” whatever said has proved to be just ritualistic declaration or copied from Congress manifesto without even understanding what does it mean.

Under “Social Justice and Empowerment” there many bullets another lifted text BJP is clueless as Sangh never trained them to understand about it. Here one major point is “BJP Committed to the eradication of untouchability at all levels” HRD ministry Vs Rohit Vemula is bright example of action under this manifesto item.

Under “Minorities – Equal opportunities” BJP said “National Madrasa modernization programme would be initiated to strengthen and modernize minority educational systems and institutions. Augment their traditional artisanship and entrepreneurial skill, which are
a backbone of our cottage and small-scale industry. Ensure a peaceful and secure environment, where there is no place for either the perpetrators or exploiters of fear.” I don’t understand to cry or laugh at it. against the manifesto what is going on is mockery of their own words. Today when common man say “Modi Sarkar is intolerant” you need Anupam Kher to take out march and say with a spin “India is tolerant” but what is Modi Sarkar doing on Sadhavi Prachi, Adityanath, Giriraj Singh, and many others who are instilling fear among minorities and ensuring that minorities live in insecurities!

BJP said on “Greater attention to border areas” that “Ensuring proper utilisation of natural resources of North East India and developing this region at par with Western region and empowering the DONER ministry. Ensuring return of Kashmiri pandits to Jammu Kashmir and establishing  Good Governance in the State while abrogating article 370” As far as northeast is concern whatever said is just Jumla. On Kashmiri Pandits better a non-Kashmiri Anupam Kher who says he is working for cause of Pandits, declares how many Pandits resettled back in J&K. Good Governance in J&K was exemplified with release of Masrat Alam. Abrogating Article 370 is not found place in common minimum programme BJP done with PDP, by the way Manifesto2014 is irrespective of state govt and what BJP will as ruling party in Center but failures always find refuge in excuses &  BJP is not an exception.

Under “Neo-Middle Class – Meet their Aspirations” BJP said “Providing Educational scholarships and educational facilities, Medical insurance and quality healthcare services, Middle-income housing and efficient public transport systems.” Just jumla nothing more than that. Rest Jaitley is ensuring how best Middle class can be screwed.

BJP also said “Zero Tolerance on Terrorism” and it turned out to be “Zero Tolerance on Meat eaters” Dadri is benchmark where you killed Father of Indian Airforce Employee, then there is Gang of Bigots who is ensuring that people remain terrorized.

There was another Jumla where BJP said they will simplify tax regime. Looks like this was only for super rich friends of Jaitley where as common man earning to pay taxes.

Started with promise of Acche Din & trapped in Gau Maata & Beef & to cover-up failures Modi Sarkar is doing all sort of irrelevant things from Headline management to taking refuge in Nationalism. With all we have seen of Modi Sarkar till now, I can say Modi Sarkar is a traveler wandering on roads with no destination, completely lost.

Many more things in Manifesto on which pages over pages can be written to bring out failures of talentless BJP but at present this is enough. I am pretty sure this will at least compel Modi Bhakts to go and read what BJP promised and where we have come today!

Will be back soon, till then take care! Bye

@MirrorShourieAuthor runs this parody account on Twitter as well as on There is no affiliation with noted journalist Mr. Arun Shourie or any other person named Arun Shourie.


2 thoughts on “Modi Sarkar : Lost in Journey

  1. Absolutely the ground reality .Truth , nothing but truth .
    Going to save for reference .Tired of bhakts’ chest thumping victory cries…you said it all.Except for some paid bhakts and die hard hinduvta misled people , every one realises the truth of this government’s failure , the rest is mere advertisement and repeating the lies over and over to make it believe .Thanks for sharing.


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