Agents of Pseudo Tolerance

As the handle @MirrorShourie suspended once again due to reporting of some illiterates of ruling party & over-literate people sitting in Twitter Support, repost of old blog.

Criticism is most effective feedback to any Government, and if you are world largest Democracy, it’s your prime duty to collect feedback and correct the course.

Does this Government of our present time follow it? No. Not at all.

There has been enough talk in past few months over tolerance & intolerance. You will be glad to know Sycophant supporters of current regime invented new kind of Tolerance, it is pseudo tolerance.

Pseudo tolerance is nothing but harping on roads with banners that “we are tolerant” and after the march get back to the job to kill the voices which gives you valuable feedback on your short comings.

You ask your paid trolls to trend “ModiSlapsChina” and go all over with hashtag that how MMS was ineffective & how Modi gave it back to China by giving visa to Dolkun Isa. Next day India wakes up to the news that India cancelled the visa given to Dolkun Isa. Now if Government sponsored headline management was a day old story, you have to pay it by accepting criticism very next day with hashtag “ModiBowsToChina”. This hashtag was  not to ridicule PM of India, it was a feedback to Government to control their trolls by spreading absurd news in media under project headline management!

I just tried to log in to my twitter account & found it in “Suspended” status. Do I need to guess who are the guys behind my twitter handle @shourie_arun ‘s suspension? These are same pseudo tolerant people. They lost after mere 128 tweets from it, I will tweet same way till 2019, being a responsible citizen, it’s my duty to highlight Government failures & provide accurate feedback to correct the course. I will keep giving the feedback I want to give.

One may say it may be the case of identity theft but for those Divyang guys must learn reading & meaning of “Parody”

I have received many abusive responses on twitter but never indulged in war of words, just shared what I have to say without any abusive words.

What to do with feedback is Government’s business. They demonstrate tolerance, accept the feedback & correct the course or remain Pseudo Tolerant and kill any sane voice critiquing them by getting it suspended.

Social media must also understand there are compulsions of normal life and that is why people choose to share their thoughts from “Parody” Handles or “Anonymous” handles. Before suspending check is the handle really worth suspending? On this occasion Twitter also played as agent of Pseudo Tolerance.

The one & only twitter handle I had which I can’t access right now. Requesting readers of this blog to tweet the link on twitter for people to know story from my side.

Regards: Will meet surely again…

@MirrorShourieAuthor runs this parody account on Twitter as well as on There is no affiliation with noted journalist Mr. Arun Shourie or any other person named Arun Shourie.


One thought on “Agents of Pseudo Tolerance

  1. Great I feel relieved there’s someone who cares. But, I’d just like to say, though words are strong, political participation is the only answer really. It’s about changing people’s minds and that only really happens with protesting, proselytising or contesting elections. I highly recommend you to do so as you seem to be a man with Fine ideals. Feel free to check out my blog: and, I would like to direct you to this party: It’s a free market, liberal party with, just to point out one of the changes they want – Absolute Free speech. It might say a bit about how high the standards and mores they set for themselves. More can be found in their manifesto.

    Anyways, just wanted to urge you for political participation. Though, it seems like we’re here pushing each other for change. Change won’t really happen until we say “Fuck it!”, gather the guts and just go out there and make the change.




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