Story of 3 Illiterates

About after two years, BJP felt need of literate person to represent party in parliament and initiated a welcome step which turned out to be a big disappointment as BJP sent Subramanian Swamy to Rajya Sabha. You already have Smriti Irani and Arun Jaitely there then what is need to send Swamy there? Now there is competition between three that who will talk more absurd.

Living to the reputation, Ms. Smriti Irani opened the week with making an absurd statement. She said, “Varsities are Pandora’s Box, can’t waive punishment of JNU students”. She proved once again why having her as HRD Minister is insult to Republic of India. It’s surprising that, those journalist who take her each word and print next day, why they didn’t ask meaning of “Pandora Box” to her? I request journalists to give it a try next time, answer will surely entertain you for many days thereafter.

When Smriti Irani says, Varsities are “Pandora’s Box”; she doesn’t know the meaning of it. I would request her to reveal who is Pandora by the way now in India? Is she calls herself “Pandora” and Varsities are her “Box” which has all the evils of world? Is that the reason, she never been to University? I urge her to enroll in any such “Pandora’s Box” of her choice and stay there observing their research, studies, debates and class rooms; I guarantee her that she surely will accept, what she missed in life i.e. Quality Education

You may have been connected to Idiot Box for most of your life time, that doesn’t mean that you should speak like an idiot coming out of it! For God sake, Varsities are not Pandora’s Box, those are the centers where thinking human beings are created.

Subramanian Swamy on the other corner, with so many failed prophecies on his account from Economy, Petrol Price, Kiran Bedi as Delhi CM to Nitish Kumar losing and BJP winning with full majority etc has found new target in Raghu Ram Rajan. Earlier his tweets used to indicate his indirect demand that he should be made Minister of Finance but now he is eyeing for the post of RBI Governor.

Raghu Ram Rajan is not fit to be RBI Governor, said Swamy! In his opinion, “the RBI governor is not apt for our country. His move to increase the interest rates, so as to cut down inflation and stabilize the economy, has backfired and has badly affected the nation”.

If Indian economy is still sustaining then it is because of robust foundation laid by Dr. Manmohan Singh and current controlling measures being brought in system by RBI Governor. I ask you Subramanian Swamy, show me one action done by your clueless FM and directionless Government to strengthen economy? Answer is “Big Zero”

For you Raghu Ram Rajan is responsible for inflation & unstable economy! Then what is job of clueless FM? attending National Film Awards & keep ranting on all issues except Economical matters! If anything good exists for India at the moment, it is Raghu Ram Rajan. For your information Mr. Swamy, Modi has selected Irani, Jaitley, Rajnath; all clueless & incompetent. Now you are latest addition to same list.

Arun Jaitely pops up from National Film Awards hangover and says, “Judiciary is destroying legislature brick by brick”. Do you know Mr. Jaitely, what is meaning of Legislature?

You played with Law & Power everywhere in Delhi, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Legislature is Law Making Body but since you guys came in “Power” it became Law Breaking Body. You want Judiciary to remain silent while you do your all Power Crimes! Irrespective of what you say, India feels that Judiciary must destroy existing contaminated legislature atom by atom to safeguard national interests.

There is not a singly stock in Nifty50 in upward trend since you took over. Why don’t you work on Economic matters and leave “Law & Justice” to the minister who is accountable for it? If I remember, you are only in news for either attending National Film Awards or defending someone from your party.

From defending jobs you do, I remember, your latest job was to defend PM’s Degree. You along with Amit Shah came in press conference waving PM’s educational qualifications! It was hilarious. You both guys lack credibility, one is known for fudging GDP & FDI data and other was Tadipar from own state. It’s not surprising though how Modi chose you two to do a press conference on his degree, he has already reached to extreme by electing Smriti as HRD Minister.

Bhola Singh, a BJP MP is absolutely correct when he said, Western India lacks brains! It is Western India who elected Modi, Parrikar and Fadnavis.

Illiteracy is bad and somehow current government is proud of that.

@MirrorShourieAuthor runs this parody account on Twitter as well as on There is no affiliation with noted journalist Mr. Arun Shourie or any other person named Arun Shourie.