Misleading India and Indians

Modi Sarkar is unskilled at matters of Good Governance. His government depends on two things majorly, one is Media management second is sabotaging the set systems.

Media management is now well-known to all and everyone now well aware of, how the clueless FM left his Finance Ministry jobs to PM’s luck and keeps tab on NDTV to TimeNow on what to be shown, when to be shown and what subjects to be debated. This all to divert attention of that public who make their opinions based on noise & nonsense.

Bigger ploy of this government is on different tracks to hide incompetence and failures of governance.

Planning Commission Vs Niti Ayog

Planning commission was reviewing and drawing policies every five years, must note that when India got its multi-fold growth, name & fame in world market, Planning Commission contributed with perfect policies. Now we have Niti Ayog, two years over and no body knows what this bunch of clueless people do!

Now this Niti Ayog has come up with 15 years long-term vision for India! This is perfect ploy, to go out for next elections without answering on what you did in last 5 years!

Rajnath Singh is Home Minister and in full house press conference proved his incompetence and how ill-informed he is when he cluelessly answered to press on JuD.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” target=”_blank”>Rajnath Answers Media

Arun Jaitley is the best media manager Modi can have. He can managed NDTV to TimesNow to IndiaToday & all. He is the most responsible person for bull crap being served to common Indians on each national news channel since days of Modi campaign. That is his single most notable contribution to BJP that he pushed Rajnath down and himself became No.2 in Government. In majority of cases he even acts as if he is No.1

Nitin Gadkari is another gem from Nagpur. He has his own scientific temper and irrigation technology. Before 2014 in Maharashtra Ajit Pawar asked permission but Nitin Gadkari shown Farmers the way how to use their farms as urinals and do farming

What to say about Smriti! She is HRD Minister and behaves like step mother to all liberal students and faculty. Her Qualifications of being HRD minister? Think on it India…

Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley are Ex-Officio members of Niti Ayog whereas Nitin Gadkari and Smriti Irani are special invitees! This says all about Niti Ayog. Imagine what kind of policies and deliverable these people will bring in practice to make India flourishing economy. People may keep wondering and guessing, I am cent per cent sure this bunch of unqualified is good for nothing.

GDP and Growth

Government did another worst thing is, changed Gross Domestic Product calculation method and went out thumping own chest and patting own back. They never made an effort with courage to present GDP of last ten years with new calculation method or recent two years with old method. There is so much of fear and cheating intent of keeping Nation misinformed.

We have rising NPAs and everyday shrinking IIP, unfortunately Arun Jaitely is highly clueless and couldn’t revise these calculation methods to fake India Growth Story under Modi Government.

As soon as you question Government over this fake GDP numbers, they come up with an answer “the two sets of contradictory numbers are based on different methods of calculation”. This Government thinks all are fools like 31% and they ploys will go unquestioned.

Rising NPAs, decrease in demand, loss of jobs, young graduates not getting jobs to an extent that Flipkart and L&T Infotech made to headlines and clueless FM is busy in boasting fake numbers & headline management. Why this all? To cover up failures of government! This is misleading the nation and nation will never forgive you for this.

Be bold, be straight, tell the nation what challenges we are going through and be a good leader.

You have to acknowledge a problem exists before you can actually go about finding a solution.” – Demi Moore

The most unfortunate thing happened to this Government is, they could not fake NPAs and Ailing PSU banks.

Good thing happened to India in all this idiocy of Modi Sarkar is Raghu Ram Rajan. Miserable failed in controlling him to their benefit. Words of appreciation for Raghu Ram Rajan, he is the man holding fort of Indian Economy with best possible actions under his capacity to regulate. Thank you Manmohan Singh for such a nice selection.

It’s high time, Modi Government must find better ways to deal with true challenges and stop boasting on manipulated figures. Youth is jobless, everyone can’t become troll in your cause, there are learned Engineers and Graduates, initiate honest steps to make them earning members of their family.

Mr. Modi, Have a word with companies like Flipkart and L&T Infotech, what is their pain? Why they have to take harsh decision not to recruit after spotting great talents!


Do someday Mann Ki Baat of those ailing businesses and jobless youth, irrespective of who voted you or not voted you, you are Prime Minister of 100% India. It’s your job to lead India but sad part is your Government is misleading India and you are happy with Fake Growth! You must come up clean on economic data & economics of nation.

Correct the course before its too late!

@MirrorShourieAuthor runs this parody account on Twitter as well as on wordpress.com There is no affiliation with noted journalist Mr. Arun Shourie or any other person named Arun Shourie


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