Modi-Jaitley Sarkar : Clueless and Confused

“India’s goal is to pull a large number of people in agri out of the sector and get them into other sectors.”

Arun Jaitley said this in Beijing, he also wants Manufacturing sector to grow and offer jobs. Seems he felt China is the best place to talk about his fantasies.

We have a large population of youth, educated youth, who got no jobs after graduations and now this FM wants people in agriculture sector also to leave their core sector and join the jobless brigade!

Who gave him authority to speak such nonsense? It may be your goal Mr. Jaitley but surely not India’s goal. I suggest FM to open his laptop (hope it is not rented to DDCA) and read BJP Lok Sabha 2014 manifesto, for his ease posting manifesto summary link here BJP 2014 Election Manifesto

The BJP manifesto summary talks about agriculture at 4 places, i.e. on page 2, page 3 & page 5

“Setting up Agri Rail Network” mentioned under Building India.

“Evolve a single ‘National Agriculture Market'” mentioned under Checking Price Rise.

“Strengthening the traditional employment bases of agriculture and allied
industries” mentioned under Employment and Entrepreneurship.

“Ensuring a minimum of 50% profits over the cost of production for the
Regional Kisan TV Channel, reforming APMC Act, farm insurance to be
Adopting a ‘National Land Use Policy’.” mentioned under Agriculture – Productive, Scientific and Rewarding

What you have done in last more than two years for farmers Mr. Jaitley?


Building India has gone for the toss and this Govt seems to be engaged in checking prices of pulses do not fall in the interest of Adani and BJP election funds.

Under Employment and Entrepreneurship BJP said they will strengthen the traditional employment base of agriculture but FM says in China, he wants to pull large number of people out of agriculture and put them in other sectors!

Which other sector is offering surplus job opportunities in India? where our FM will place large number of Agri sector people? and whatever mentioned in BJP manifesto was just another Jumla?

Well aware that current BJP leadership is normally clueless but now got to know that whenever they land in foreign countries they reveal how much confused they are in their job.

What best this Govt done for Agriculture is, Modi spoke about Farmers in his Mann Ki Bakwaas and launched Kisaan Suvidha App! Both things are useless for people suffering in Agriculture sector as for people of other sectors.

BJP Manifesto mentioned “It is an opportunity to change our fate and of our nation” absolutely true, our fate and of our nation changed only for worst where many hands are jobless and they confused people in Govt have nothing to offer except clueless headline management.

In another development PM flagged off 83 projects while celebrating first anniversary of announcement of Smart Cities Mission. This Govt is first of its own kind who also celebrates anniversary of announcements.

In 83 project being flagged of under smart cities mission, smart is predominantly missing and even regular municipality work also listed under the project list by shameless event organizers and PM is anyway ready to cut ribbon be it Ambani’s hospital or Footpath of Pune. For more information on what is being catered as work under smart cities mission, read this..Smart Cities mission 83 projects set for launch today

I have sympathies for BJP because even after having clear-cut huge mandate they are helpless Govt. They are not failing because they have challenges incomparable to those of previous Govts, it is because they all are incompetent for the positions they are holding on to.

Next time don’t be an emotional fool, think wisely before pressing a voting button.

Modi & Jaitley Sarkar is rare cocktail of Clueless & Confused. Their narcissism is incurable.

@FeignShourieAuthor runs this parody account on Twitter as well as on There is no affiliation with noted journalist Mr. Arun Shourie or any other person named Arun Shourie


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