Anti-dumping Policy in Textile Sector & Dirty Secret

Government of India slapped anti-dumping duties on some of the imported good in 2015 to support and encourage “Make In India”

This could have proved good step, economy could have improved provided if intelligent people holding the decision-making positions. What happened in current scenario is, we have all clueless sycophants, even if some intelligence in possession, they are more interested in giving periodic bullet points to Narcissist which he can speak on in fake report card speeches of Independence day, election rallies and monthly bakwaas.

In 2013, MMS brought in anti-dumping duty on steel product, it was on finished product steel wheels. It gave boost to local manufacturers if finished products.

Now this Modi Government has slapped anti-dumping duties on various items in steel and Textile including raw materials of both sectors.


Steel is sector of smart people and they know how to manage without compromising business.

Even the OEMs wind turbine makers like GE, Gamesa, Suzlon, Regen, Inox who have no options but to source components from China, Korea have found the ways to get away with cost-effective solutions. For example is Heavy Castings and Forgings which were imported from China, Korea are still imported from China, Korea because in India very few manufacturers of those products. Whoever produces have consistency issues and at the same time not cost-effective. Hence not much hue and cry on steel products.

Coming to textile, when we look at the policy, it looks like stupidity of some illiterate who is sitting on the chair of policy making, if it is from Niti Ayog then it is not all surprising. Except Panauti nothing is delivered yet by this Niti Ayog.

Anti-dumping duty is slapped on raw materials like all yarn and yarn of polyester. Making Indian fabric manufacturers to buy only high cost “Made in India” yarn, which makes fabric manufacturers costing reaching to a point where they can’t compete with imported fabric and garments made of it.

India imports fabric from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Chine in huge quantum but that is not covered under anti-dumping clause!

Who are those cronies in textile sector getting benefitted with this absurd anti-dumping clause, which allows fabric & garments to be imported but not the raw material to make fabric in India?

Allen Solly, Peter England, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Hackett and Pantaloons etc, who owns these brands? Answer is Kumar Mangalam Birla

Reason fair enough, why fabric & garments still allowed to be purchased in cheaper rates from China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka than manufacturing in India!

Only 5% of fabric manufactured through organized sector, hand-loom sector produces 20, knitting sector 15% and rest 60% of Indian fabric is produced through decentralized power-loom sector.

Fabric manufacturers in India are mostly small-scale industrialist, they can’t compete with imported fabric, if they don’t get the raw material at competitive price. But then in India it is Ambani Group who again comes in to picture, if Government tries to regulate the price of textile raw material produced in India to compete with imported fabric! How to make mota-bhai unhappy!

Fabric manufacturing average cost is Rs.22.60 per meter and when it goes for sale, demand is at Rs. 21.80, what to do with this “Make In India” flagship product? Use as a shroud!

Thousands of power looms are stand still and few in operation are rented at Rs.400/- per month.

Why this anti-dumping duty policy is not applied to fabric as well along with raw material? Clueless Modi Government must answer this to thousands of jobless weavers and power-loom owners of Bhiwandi, Malegaon, Ichalkaranji, Erode, Coimbatore, Varanasi and other parts of the nation who had high hopes of “Acche Din Aane Wale Hain”

Time is not far when power-loom owners sell their looms in scrap on per kg rate to scrap dealer, if government keep sleeping over such a burning issue involving thousands and lakhs of households.

Advise to this clueless government is, dump this anti-dumping policy before people dump you!

Chances are less but still I wish main stream media covers the plight of power-loom operators and owners. MSM will not be doing any favor by covering it, it will be real nationalist duty.

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