Cauvery in Sixteen Tweets

img_20160913_111708Senior Advocate Supreme Court Mr. Sanjay Hegde has described Cauvery issue in sixteen tweets today morning & those are worth compiling at on one place for educating outraging inflammatory illiterates.


While #Cauvery violence is deplorable, media seems to have gone overboard in condemning only one state. Karnataka loses on perception.
Calling for pellet guns etc is overkill. Media also is Delhi centric & there’s schadenfreude when South is no better than North.
Media doesn’t realise, that water usage fights, are predicted to lead to wars in future. Karnataka like India is an upper riparian state.
Karnataka has 1 monsoon & 2 crops, TN has 3 crops & 2 monsoons. Water in Karnataka dams has to suffice for whole year including drinking water to B’lore.
In 1992, 2002 & 2016 TN has had same CM whose binary logic & imperiousness doesn’t help situation. Always a pound of flesh demanded.
In moments of distress a CM of Kar has to contemplate a thirsty Bangalore next April May vs drying crops in Thanjavur delta.
There have been moments when CMs especially from Mysore area contemplated resignation rather than letting down Karnataka populace.
In this situation national media demonising Karnataka, calling for pellet guns & presidents rule are doing no service to nation.
Cauvery distress flares up approximately once in a decade, when storage in reservoirs low. Technical solution for distress needs to be found
Distress sharing becomes acute only in 2 months of September & October because later NE monsoon sets in over TN. Karnataka doesn’t get it.
Distress management requires tact & statesmanship on both sides. What we see is brinkmanship, zero sum games & politicking.
Central governments stay out of distress management as long as they can, because they do not want to antagonise either state.
At central level Karnataka suffers because it’s 28 MPs split amongst parties while TN’s 40 MPs often from one party/alliance ADMK or DMK.
It is time for effective basin management of water deficit Cauvery basin especially in years of distress. Centre can’t sit on its hands.
Solution may take some work, violence is no solution especially when it targets the powerless. Prepare for rationing & mgmt in summer.
Nation needs to know if Bangalore & Karnataka will have drinking water this summer or are prayers for rain in catchment only option.

Author: Mr. Sanjay Hegde