Pains & gains of Cashless transactions

Pains & gains of Cashless transactions

Many articles have already been written & published on DeMonetisation. Below write-up is not an article or my own blog but compilation of Mr. Sanjay Hegde’s 9 tweets I did for ease of reading in one go & relating themselves to big picture.

@sanjayuvacha Explains pains & gains of Cashless transactions


Was talking to a builder with a major project near completion. At this stage he would have been doubling his workforce as more workers required at finishing stage.

Reality now is that half of workforce has left to return to villages. Workers want cash payments & do not want bank accounts. More comfortable with old systems where part payment came on signing up & further payments sent home informally. Workmen don’t want to deal with banks.

Currently many returned to villages where at least farm food assured. They are awaiting a return of currency to the economy & employment on old terms. If the government does not provide fresh currency, many may remain in villages & add to unremunerative labour there.

In the meanwhile, project delivery gets delayed; housing loans get extended & some may go down under.

Everywhere message is the same cash gives confidence. People trust only hard cash which they can hold. Everything else is not the real thing.

I doubt that a cash less economy is on the horizon in India. But of course the government thinks, it knows best, what is good for India. Does India agree?

One thing is for sure, Government is free to encourage cashless transactions but cash in the market brings confidence & stability in the business. That confidence & stability is withdrawn at the moment.

@FeignShourie : Opinions expressed here are mine & not of Arun Shourie [Seriously, a Parody Account]


Tale of Convenient Journalism

Tale of Convenient Journalism

One thing Congress party lacks & BJP has it, it is media manager.

Yes. Arun Jaitley is the most powerful media manager in recent history of last 15 years. He manages every media outlet as if he is doing fish farming with complete control on parasites & predators. His strategy keeps every media house on toes to prove how much they are pro establishment. Few journalists like Mr. Ravish Kumar are exception who refused to bent.

In first week of Nov’16 Govt planned to ban NDTV-India, like many other we fought tooth & nail on social media & print against it. It was not at all for NDTV or out of any sympathy for convenient journalists working at NDTV, it was purely for Mr. Ravish Kumar & we will stand thousand times for him.

Convenient Journalism Journalist : Barkha Dutt

First encounter when Barkha broke Robert Vadra story! No, breaking that story was not bad, seeking an acknowledgement from another Modi Cheerleader was the worst thing, even darbari patrakars avoid doing that but Barkha was so desperate…11

Whole India was talking on Demonetization Disaster & Barkha was discussing it with Owaisi & Sambit Patra to give it completely communal twist unfortunately no success.


When Rahul Gandhi announced he have proofs of Modi’s personal corruption, Barkha doing her best to please Clueless FM of India


When Rahul Gandhi reveals data with dates & amounts, first person to ridicule & throwing spin on social media is Barkha Dutt




Observe the pattern, do you find anywhere a single word asking for authenticity or explanation from BJP? No. But she will question the allegation.

Now go back when MMS was Prime Minister of India & 2G, Coal Scam etc. subjects were in media galleries. MMS was taking tough action on the culprits, gave free hand to investigation agencies, biggest fraud of millennium Anna Hazare was free to do Anshans & Sushma Swaraj to Dance & what media did at that time? They discredited the gentleman for each of the best thing he did for economy, democracy & FoE. Entertained dissent.

It was told to Indians then by the media, that the media should be generally anti establishment for benefit of democracy, lol. What happened now that when a out of turn selection of Army Chief is questioned, instead of Govt these people jump in to protect foolish decisions of Govt?


To fill the air time even when the burning issue of Demonetization & people’s suffering, they opt to show you Kirron Kher from Chandigarh on Corporation election win!


and when got very sure that opposition is going to bring something in public, they came up with another diverting topic..


There are many Darbari & Tihadi journalists under payroll of Arun Jaitely but what are your compulsions Barkha? I also remember your at least dozen tweets congratulating Arun Jaitley during GST bill passing, not posting here as those tweets brings out more shades of sold out journalism of once upon a time Independent Journalist.

I only wish to ask you one follow up question, what is status of news you broke on Vadra & literally begged to Minhaz for appreciation? Posting my tweets for background to that planted news & story…





and you know at behest of Arun Jaitley, from where Barkha made breaking news on Vadra


This blog is less in words & more in tweet screen shots, I want to explain less & let the reader read it between the lines & behind the lines.

India going through dangerous times with rare fare journalism. When there is allegation on Prime Minister of India for personal involvement of corruption, press should ask PM to come clean. Sadly that is not happening & being told that whats new, same charges were also thrown on PM by Arvind Kejriwal & Prashant Bhushan.

Can these convenient journalism journalists at least ask PM to file a defamation case & ask Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Bhushan & Arvind Kejriwal to prove the charges in court of law? They are not doing this, rather misinformation is being spread that court has dismissed, truth is PIL filed by Prashant Bhushan is not dismissed & is due for hearing in Jan’17!


Opinions expressed here are mine & not of Arun Shourie [Seriously, a Parody Account]