Government, elected by people for Cronies!

Nation is made of Public. Public makes Government. Its Government’s job to work for welfare of Public. Its not vice versa!

Ever realised who was for whom & in actual who became pawn of whom? This Government is for Public or Public is for Government?

It was Government elected by people for welfare of people, but looking at Modi Government, it’s actions and decisions; it gives feeling that Government is elected by people for welfare of few Cronies who enjoy on taxpayer money from low interest debts to subsidies.

Government survives on votes & income of middle class honest taxpayer’s money and leave no chance to screw up the same middle class at every available opportunity.

Its middle class who actively participates in keeping democracy alive and nation building by paying all kind of taxes on time, by paying back loans on time. Never seeks write off or waivers.

If you are a middle class & failed to pay loan installment or credit card bill or phone bill or electricity bill; you know very well what may happen to you! You will be slapped penalties for certain period then services provided to you will be discontinued and legally your properties/deposit will be sealed, seized & confiscated but only if you are middle class simple common man. Nothing happens to you even if you are debt ridden, defaulter, tax thief when you are well connected to power.

Raghu Ram Rajan said it very boldly when in office as RBI Governor, he said, “The rich & well-connected wrong-doer is virtually going scot-free”, look around business owners travelling with PM in his each foreign trip, look at business opportunities they get & realise how correct Raghu Ram Rajan was!

Common man goes to job, works for a month and earns money to fulfill his & family needs. That guy also has pressure to keep pace with society and maintain social status. Do we have any Minister in Modi Government, who is representative of any such common man in parliament? If ‘Yes’, why do we have all anti people policies from Government?

The common man is tax payer and the same common man is consumer. In complete chain common man is only guy who end up paying dual tax. He has to pay tax on income which is deducted at source and than tax on any transaction he does as consumer. The same common man has to pay tax on his fixed deposits and bank savings and now even tax on PF withdrawal.

This Government made changes in the PF rules. Now person cannot withdraw full EPF balance before retirement. It means even if you have the option to earn a higher rate of interest through Business, mutual funds etc. you cannot do that. Government is trying to sell it as positive saying that, “New EPF scheme ensures the financial security after the retirement. It is particularly beneficial to private sector employees who don’t get pension”. Fact is Government accumulating more & more funds and making it available for long term to crony capitalists.
Even on partial PF withdrawal before 5 years, you have to pay tax. This is not tax, its actually a penalty for withdrawing your money as you didn’t allow some crony capitalist to use it at a very low interest rates.

Any Government whenever fails on all business & trade fronts, when there are no new jobs in existing job market, no new job opportunities in new sectors, industrial and service sector in coma; the Masterstroke is to emphasize on tax collection. Increase in tax collection by increasing the tax burden on earning middle class. This tax collection is income for Government and this works on two fronts for people in power.

1- to inflate fake figures of growth, GDP, reduction in inflation etcetera. 

2- more money with Government, banks; more loans to Cronies, more write offs, more waivers and more subsidies to Cronies in the name of development.

This is that organised loot and plundering of public money.

Having said all that, common man still pays full taxes because he is not anti-national, his Government is. His Government is temporary, he is permanent citizen of India. Hence with all the pain he stands by country but do not pull a string so tight that it will break spreads anarchy!

While Cow is keep derailing the traffic which is already in mess and earn her livelihood from garbage collection corners, this Government still succeeds in keeping us busy with Gaumata and Psuedo Nationalism and emotional fool common man aligns with Government. This  must stop somewhere.

Common man must get Organized & Mobilised to kick the Governments at every first available opportunity if they are not pro-people. Any Government which is pro cronyism & thriving on headline management has no right to exist. It must mend it’s ways or get lost.


Not That Journalistauthor & politicianOpinions are mineany resemblance to those of Real Arun Shourie is purely​ coincidental!


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