Break that Orbit!

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Few days back Rahul Shivshankar ran a program on Times Now,

With full of lies and propaganda. He quoted selected tweets of few of those people who don’t support the current Government and it’s agenda. Rahul Shivshankar’s show had clearly an agenda, to be specific the malicious agenda. To defame the sane people who object to fixed match being played between Government and media, people who speak even in this environment of intimidation and threats. Hence he chose few anti BJP people from social media and intentionally chose those who are having traceable identity. This was done to give a stern message to all other such people who criticize Government that stop criticizing government or else we will expose you on national television with false adjectives by quoting your tweets and posts out of context and will label you an anti-national. This all has been with a larger agenda to kill the voice of dissent by singling out people who speak. My message to Rahul Shivshankar and his clan is, you can keep on proving your self a best lap dog of Modi Sarkar and bark on every dissenting voice with powers available to you, we will fight forces like you and we will fight with our full might.

Having said all on Rahul Shivshankar, is it only he who is doing all this at Times Now? The answer is ‘No’.
Times Now is news channel always hysterical and people used to think it’s because of Arnab Goswami or his style of show presentation. However, it is getting clearer every passing day that Vineet Jain wanted Times Now to be like that only, with or without Arnab Goswami.
When Arnab Goswami left Times Now, most of us expected that sanity will return in Times Now studio but poor cyclostyled copy of Arnab Goswami, Rahul Shivshankar blocked all the chances of its return and issue based journalism or cultured debates. Rather he took the madness and ignorance to a different level. I guess that must be the objective of special ‘Training Need’ identified by Vineet Jain, whatever performance Rahul Shivshankar delivering now a day is to prove ‘effectiveness of that imparted training’ and goal sheet.
So, be it Arnab Goswami or Rahul Shivshankar or Navika, they all are just tip of the iceberg while the real rot and root is beneath the surface, that is media baron Vineet Jain. Arnab Goswami had false impression in his mind while at Times Now that he made the channel and because of him channel existed, he tried to become bigger brand than channel itself and Vineet Jain shown him the door. Arnab learned few tricks of bigotry business from Vineet Jain, he collaborated with BJP financier and started denting in Times Now’s business with Republic TV catering same bigotry and same vile content. That made Vineet Jain to go further right to keep that audience segment intact and while doing all this silently engaged audience of other side on Mirror Now with FayeDsouza and some social masala. Both the channels run exactly opposite content but you will not come across a single incidence where either of have crossed each other or the anchors commented on wrongful content.
There is no meaning in lashing out at RShivshankar & applauding FayeDsouza, it’s not the case that one is sold out crook and other is crusader of pure gold standard journalism. They both are salaried employees & work as per order and strategy of Vineet Jain. If there is one media crook at Times Group, its Vineet Jain but that does not absolve anchors working at Times Now and Mirror Now from their ethical ownership, they too are answerable for the collective filth.
Times Now is main business and Mirror Now is a CSR activity for Vineet Jain. Times of India is always a Sarkari News Paper irrespective of any party in the government. In 1987, Arun Shourie said about Times of India which is still valid; he said about ‘The Times of India’, Woh Akhbar Nahin, Sarkar hai (It’s not a paper, it’s the Government) and he didn’t want to work for the Government”.
Having said all that about Times Group, what is the story at other media houses? Nothing different, all are more or less in the same race. They all have employees mix of every flavour. While few are openly bigots there are few always ready with ‘what about’, these whataboutry peddlers are equally responsible for damage to society. These are the main crooks who hijack the core issue by building false narratives and feeding a sleeping pill to conscience of people. Then comes the other type, ‘spineless neutrals’, they are the self-proclaimed flag bearers of liberalism but their outrage is limited to certain boundaries and they can’t criticise Government without criticising opposition. Their cowardice has no boundaries. If Times Group has two different restaurants to serve two different cuisines, others have different cooks in common kitchen. Be it India Today or Zee or ABP or any other. When last time I came accross such cooks and kitchens I wrote Tale of Convenient Journalism Read and correlate.
Honest journalists are rare species now a days, I bet if you start counting, the count will end up at your finger tips after few counts. Most will give up after counting two! Whenever you find any journalist being labelled as Jhola Chhap, Leftist, Modi Hater, Naxal, Islamic Apologist etc, you need not to run for verification of that journalist, you need to check credentials of folks who are hurling these labels and accusations.
In such a scenario where media and government has disturbed the equilibrium of society to the abnormal levels, they shifted the center and orbit so much that any pro-government or anti-opposition post is true without any scrutiny, people in that orbit are like they are hypnotized, they go to the internet or literature for fact check only when they see some thing against the government or their idol!
There are people like Prateek Sinha and Pankaj Jain doing their bit to put facts in public domain but who is their audience? People who are not pro-government. We can keep on donating these websites, we can encourage them, award them but that is not enough, that is not enough in national duty of each individual. Need of the hour is to break that orbit set by main stream media to give advantage to government and it’s allies. After donating and encouraging folks like AltNews, SMHoaxSlayer and BoomFactCheck, do your little bit to spread the facts after knowing those. One easy way to do is your indvidual Facebook and WhatsApp, respond with facts on one to one basis as well as in groups. When you will start responding with facts for each fake posts, the sharing of fake posts may not stop instantly but consumption of fake post will slow down and it will die its death and that is the only way to break the wall. Break that orbit and bring the things in normal equilibrium.
Freedom is in peril defend it with all your Might.

Opinions expressed here are mine & not of Arun Shourie [Seriously, a Parody Account]


​जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।

​जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।

तब देश को एक मजबूत ईमानदार और निष्पक्ष सरकार मिलेगी।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब अण्णा हजारे का लोकपाल विधेयक लागू होगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब आरटीआई का उपयोग प्रजातंत्र को मजबूत करने में होगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब जात-पात की राजनीति का अंत होगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब भारत फिर एक बार सोने की चिड़िया कहलायेगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब एक अमरीकी डॉलर की कीमत ₹४० से ₹१ हो जायेगी।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब पेट्रोल ₹३५ लिटर मिलेगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब किसानों की आत्महत्याएं बंद हो जायेंगी।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब प्याज़ पर टमाटर मुफ्त मिलेगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब नहीं होगी मंहगाई की मार।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब नहीं होगी धर्म की राजनीति।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब यह पुरातनकाल से चल रही रेल व्यवस्था बन्द करेंगे और बुलेट ट्रेनों में देश को घुमायेंगे।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब भारत विदेशों में निवेश करेगा और वालमार्ट अमेज़न जैसी कंपनियां भारत से बाहर निकल जायेंगी।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब दाऊद इब्राहिम आर्थर रोड जेल में होगा और ललित मोदी तिहाड़ में, विजय मल्या के लिए तो पृथ्वी छोटी हो जायेगी भागने के लिए।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब स्विस बैंकों में जमा काला पैसा भारत वापस आयेगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब आप की आय आप की होगी, कोई आयकर नहीं होगा। उल्टे सरकार आप के खातों में ₹१५ लाख जमा करेगी।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब पनामा द्वीप में आपना काला धन रखने वालों का मुंह काला कर गधे पर बैठाकर शहर घुमाया जायेगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब शादी ब्याह जात और कुंडली देखकर नहीं, कर्तव्यनिष्ठा और ईमानदारी देखकर किया जायेगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब कोई भी भारतीय दाढ़ी, टोपी, पगड़ी, धोती और टीके के लिए नहीं मारा जायेगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब १०४४ लोगों के हत्यारे को शिक्षा मिलेगी।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब कश्मीर पुर्ण रूप से हमारा होगा। जम्मू-कश्मीर का अलग झंडा नहीं होगा बल्कि सारा भारत एक तिरंगे के अधीन होगा।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब जम्मू-कश्मीर से ३७० रफुचक्कर हो जायेगी औ वहां भी अदानी, अंबानी और टाटा बजाज के कारखाने होंगे।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब उन लोगों को शिक्षा मिलेगी जिन्हें १९४७ में तिरंगा  मान्य नहीं था।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब उन लोगों को शिक्षा मिलेगी जिन्होंने सालों साल तिरंगे का अपमान किया।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब हम गौमुत्र और गोबर से बाहर निकल मंगल ग्रह पर पहुंचेंगे।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब पाकिस्तान डर से थर थर कांपेगा और चीन को वह लाल आंखें खोल के दिखायेंगे।
जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।
तब आधार निर्आधार होगा और जनता भयमुक्त।

जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे।

तब भारत में नौकरियों के अवसर ही अवसर होंगे और कर्मचारियों की कमी, फिर अमरीकी यूरोपीयन नौकर यहां काम करेंगे।

जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे। तब गंगा स्वच्छ होगी और स्वच्छ स्नान होगा।

जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे। तब स्मार्ट सिटी के ढकोसले नहीं होंगे तब देश ही पुर्ण: स्मार्ट होगा।

जब मोदीजी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे। तब राम मंदिर का निर्माण हो जायेगा।

इतने सब कुछ के साथ साथ मोदीजी और भी बहुत कुछ कर देंगे बस अगर वे प्रधानमंत्री बन जाएं, पता नहीं ३१ प्रतिशत को क्या सुझी के उन्होंने एक ऐसे आदमी को देश का प्रधानमंत्री चुना है जो ३ साल से देश को चूना लगा रहा है, विदेशों के दौरे कर रहा है और कुछ अमीरों की अंतरराष्ट्रीय मार्केटिंग। कौन है यह आदमी!

– फेनशौरी


Government, elected by people for Cronies!

Nation is made of Public. Public makes Government. Its Government’s job to work for welfare of Public. Its not vice versa!

Ever realised who was for whom & in actual who became pawn of whom? This Government is for Public or Public is for Government?

It was Government elected by people for welfare of people, but looking at Modi Government, it’s actions and decisions; it gives feeling that Government is elected by people for welfare of few Cronies who enjoy on taxpayer money from low interest debts to subsidies.

Government survives on votes & income of middle class honest taxpayer’s money and leave no chance to screw up the same middle class at every available opportunity.

Its middle class who actively participates in keeping democracy alive and nation building by paying all kind of taxes on time, by paying back loans on time. Never seeks write off or waivers.

If you are a middle class & failed to pay loan installment or credit card bill or phone bill or electricity bill; you know very well what may happen to you! You will be slapped penalties for certain period then services provided to you will be discontinued and legally your properties/deposit will be sealed, seized & confiscated but only if you are middle class simple common man. Nothing happens to you even if you are debt ridden, defaulter, tax thief when you are well connected to power.

Raghu Ram Rajan said it very boldly when in office as RBI Governor, he said, “The rich & well-connected wrong-doer is virtually going scot-free”, look around business owners travelling with PM in his each foreign trip, look at business opportunities they get & realise how correct Raghu Ram Rajan was!

Common man goes to job, works for a month and earns money to fulfill his & family needs. That guy also has pressure to keep pace with society and maintain social status. Do we have any Minister in Modi Government, who is representative of any such common man in parliament? If ‘Yes’, why do we have all anti people policies from Government?

The common man is tax payer and the same common man is consumer. In complete chain common man is only guy who end up paying dual tax. He has to pay tax on income which is deducted at source and than tax on any transaction he does as consumer. The same common man has to pay tax on his fixed deposits and bank savings and now even tax on PF withdrawal.

This Government made changes in the PF rules. Now person cannot withdraw full EPF balance before retirement. It means even if you have the option to earn a higher rate of interest through Business, mutual funds etc. you cannot do that. Government is trying to sell it as positive saying that, “New EPF scheme ensures the financial security after the retirement. It is particularly beneficial to private sector employees who don’t get pension”. Fact is Government accumulating more & more funds and making it available for long term to crony capitalists.
Even on partial PF withdrawal before 5 years, you have to pay tax. This is not tax, its actually a penalty for withdrawing your money as you didn’t allow some crony capitalist to use it at a very low interest rates.

Any Government whenever fails on all business & trade fronts, when there are no new jobs in existing job market, no new job opportunities in new sectors, industrial and service sector in coma; the Masterstroke is to emphasize on tax collection. Increase in tax collection by increasing the tax burden on earning middle class. This tax collection is income for Government and this works on two fronts for people in power.

1- to inflate fake figures of growth, GDP, reduction in inflation etcetera. 

2- more money with Government, banks; more loans to Cronies, more write offs, more waivers and more subsidies to Cronies in the name of development.

This is that organised loot and plundering of public money.

Having said all that, common man still pays full taxes because he is not anti-national, his Government is. His Government is temporary, he is permanent citizen of India. Hence with all the pain he stands by country but do not pull a string so tight that it will break spreads anarchy!

While Cow is keep derailing the traffic which is already in mess and earn her livelihood from garbage collection corners, this Government still succeeds in keeping us busy with Gaumata and Psuedo Nationalism and emotional fool common man aligns with Government. This  must stop somewhere.

Common man must get Organized & Mobilised to kick the Governments at every first available opportunity if they are not pro-people. Any Government which is pro cronyism & thriving on headline management has no right to exist. It must mend it’s ways or get lost.


Not That Journalistauthor & politicianOpinions are mineany resemblance to those of Real Arun Shourie is purely​ coincidental!

Pains & gains of Cashless transactions

Pains & gains of Cashless transactions

Many articles have already been written & published on DeMonetisation. Below write-up is not an article or my own blog but compilation of Mr. Sanjay Hegde’s 9 tweets I did for ease of reading in one go & relating themselves to big picture.

@sanjayuvacha Explains pains & gains of Cashless transactions


Was talking to a builder with a major project near completion. At this stage he would have been doubling his workforce as more workers required at finishing stage.

Reality now is that half of workforce has left to return to villages. Workers want cash payments & do not want bank accounts. More comfortable with old systems where part payment came on signing up & further payments sent home informally. Workmen don’t want to deal with banks.

Currently many returned to villages where at least farm food assured. They are awaiting a return of currency to the economy & employment on old terms. If the government does not provide fresh currency, many may remain in villages & add to unremunerative labour there.

In the meanwhile, project delivery gets delayed; housing loans get extended & some may go down under.

Everywhere message is the same cash gives confidence. People trust only hard cash which they can hold. Everything else is not the real thing.

I doubt that a cash less economy is on the horizon in India. But of course the government thinks, it knows best, what is good for India. Does India agree?

One thing is for sure, Government is free to encourage cashless transactions but cash in the market brings confidence & stability in the business. That confidence & stability is withdrawn at the moment.

@FeignShourie : Opinions expressed here are mine & not of Arun Shourie [Seriously, a Parody Account]

Tale of Convenient Journalism

Tale of Convenient Journalism

One thing Congress party lacks & BJP has it, it is media manager.

Yes. Arun Jaitley is the most powerful media manager in recent history of last 15 years. He manages every media outlet as if he is doing fish farming with complete control on parasites & predators. His strategy keeps every media house on toes to prove how much they are pro establishment. Few journalists like Mr. Ravish Kumar are exception who refused to bent.

In first week of Nov’16 Govt planned to ban NDTV-India, like many other we fought tooth & nail on social media & print against it. It was not at all for NDTV or out of any sympathy for convenient journalists working at NDTV, it was purely for Mr. Ravish Kumar & we will stand thousand times for him.

Convenient Journalism Journalist : Barkha Dutt

First encounter when Barkha broke Robert Vadra story! No, breaking that story was not bad, seeking an acknowledgement from another Modi Cheerleader was the worst thing, even darbari patrakars avoid doing that but Barkha was so desperate…11

Whole India was talking on Demonetization Disaster & Barkha was discussing it with Owaisi & Sambit Patra to give it completely communal twist unfortunately no success.


When Rahul Gandhi announced he have proofs of Modi’s personal corruption, Barkha doing her best to please Clueless FM of India


When Rahul Gandhi reveals data with dates & amounts, first person to ridicule & throwing spin on social media is Barkha Dutt




Observe the pattern, do you find anywhere a single word asking for authenticity or explanation from BJP? No. But she will question the allegation.

Now go back when MMS was Prime Minister of India & 2G, Coal Scam etc. subjects were in media galleries. MMS was taking tough action on the culprits, gave free hand to investigation agencies, biggest fraud of millennium Anna Hazare was free to do Anshans & Sushma Swaraj to Dance & what media did at that time? They discredited the gentleman for each of the best thing he did for economy, democracy & FoE. Entertained dissent.

It was told to Indians then by the media, that the media should be generally anti establishment for benefit of democracy, lol. What happened now that when a out of turn selection of Army Chief is questioned, instead of Govt these people jump in to protect foolish decisions of Govt?


To fill the air time even when the burning issue of Demonetization & people’s suffering, they opt to show you Kirron Kher from Chandigarh on Corporation election win!


and when got very sure that opposition is going to bring something in public, they came up with another diverting topic..


There are many Darbari & Tihadi journalists under payroll of Arun Jaitely but what are your compulsions Barkha? I also remember your at least dozen tweets congratulating Arun Jaitley during GST bill passing, not posting here as those tweets brings out more shades of sold out journalism of once upon a time Independent Journalist.

I only wish to ask you one follow up question, what is status of news you broke on Vadra & literally begged to Minhaz for appreciation? Posting my tweets for background to that planted news & story…





and you know at behest of Arun Jaitley, from where Barkha made breaking news on Vadra


This blog is less in words & more in tweet screen shots, I want to explain less & let the reader read it between the lines & behind the lines.

India going through dangerous times with rare fare journalism. When there is allegation on Prime Minister of India for personal involvement of corruption, press should ask PM to come clean. Sadly that is not happening & being told that whats new, same charges were also thrown on PM by Arvind Kejriwal & Prashant Bhushan.

Can these convenient journalism journalists at least ask PM to file a defamation case & ask Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Bhushan & Arvind Kejriwal to prove the charges in court of law? They are not doing this, rather misinformation is being spread that court has dismissed, truth is PIL filed by Prashant Bhushan is not dismissed & is due for hearing in Jan’17!


Opinions expressed here are mine & not of Arun Shourie [Seriously, a Parody Account]

Cauvery in Sixteen Tweets

img_20160913_111708Senior Advocate Supreme Court Mr. Sanjay Hegde has described Cauvery issue in sixteen tweets today morning & those are worth compiling at on one place for educating outraging inflammatory illiterates.


While #Cauvery violence is deplorable, media seems to have gone overboard in condemning only one state. Karnataka loses on perception.
Calling for pellet guns etc is overkill. Media also is Delhi centric & there’s schadenfreude when South is no better than North.
Media doesn’t realise, that water usage fights, are predicted to lead to wars in future. Karnataka like India is an upper riparian state.
Karnataka has 1 monsoon & 2 crops, TN has 3 crops & 2 monsoons. Water in Karnataka dams has to suffice for whole year including drinking water to B’lore.
In 1992, 2002 & 2016 TN has had same CM whose binary logic & imperiousness doesn’t help situation. Always a pound of flesh demanded.
In moments of distress a CM of Kar has to contemplate a thirsty Bangalore next April May vs drying crops in Thanjavur delta.
There have been moments when CMs especially from Mysore area contemplated resignation rather than letting down Karnataka populace.
In this situation national media demonising Karnataka, calling for pellet guns & presidents rule are doing no service to nation.
Cauvery distress flares up approximately once in a decade, when storage in reservoirs low. Technical solution for distress needs to be found
Distress sharing becomes acute only in 2 months of September & October because later NE monsoon sets in over TN. Karnataka doesn’t get it.
Distress management requires tact & statesmanship on both sides. What we see is brinkmanship, zero sum games & politicking.
Central governments stay out of distress management as long as they can, because they do not want to antagonise either state.
At central level Karnataka suffers because it’s 28 MPs split amongst parties while TN’s 40 MPs often from one party/alliance ADMK or DMK.
It is time for effective basin management of water deficit Cauvery basin especially in years of distress. Centre can’t sit on its hands.
Solution may take some work, violence is no solution especially when it targets the powerless. Prepare for rationing & mgmt in summer.
Nation needs to know if Bangalore & Karnataka will have drinking water this summer or are prayers for rain in catchment only option.

Author: Mr. Sanjay Hegde


Anti-dumping Policy in Textile Sector & Dirty Secret

Government of India slapped anti-dumping duties on some of the imported good in 2015 to support and encourage “Make In India”

This could have proved good step, economy could have improved provided if intelligent people holding the decision-making positions. What happened in current scenario is, we have all clueless sycophants, even if some intelligence in possession, they are more interested in giving periodic bullet points to Narcissist which he can speak on in fake report card speeches of Independence day, election rallies and monthly bakwaas.

In 2013, MMS brought in anti-dumping duty on steel product, it was on finished product steel wheels. It gave boost to local manufacturers if finished products.

Now this Modi Government has slapped anti-dumping duties on various items in steel and Textile including raw materials of both sectors.


Steel is sector of smart people and they know how to manage without compromising business.

Even the OEMs wind turbine makers like GE, Gamesa, Suzlon, Regen, Inox who have no options but to source components from China, Korea have found the ways to get away with cost-effective solutions. For example is Heavy Castings and Forgings which were imported from China, Korea are still imported from China, Korea because in India very few manufacturers of those products. Whoever produces have consistency issues and at the same time not cost-effective. Hence not much hue and cry on steel products.

Coming to textile, when we look at the policy, it looks like stupidity of some illiterate who is sitting on the chair of policy making, if it is from Niti Ayog then it is not all surprising. Except Panauti nothing is delivered yet by this Niti Ayog.

Anti-dumping duty is slapped on raw materials like all yarn and yarn of polyester. Making Indian fabric manufacturers to buy only high cost “Made in India” yarn, which makes fabric manufacturers costing reaching to a point where they can’t compete with imported fabric and garments made of it.

India imports fabric from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Chine in huge quantum but that is not covered under anti-dumping clause!

Who are those cronies in textile sector getting benefitted with this absurd anti-dumping clause, which allows fabric & garments to be imported but not the raw material to make fabric in India?

Allen Solly, Peter England, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Hackett and Pantaloons etc, who owns these brands? Answer is Kumar Mangalam Birla

Reason fair enough, why fabric & garments still allowed to be purchased in cheaper rates from China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka than manufacturing in India!

Only 5% of fabric manufactured through organized sector, hand-loom sector produces 20, knitting sector 15% and rest 60% of Indian fabric is produced through decentralized power-loom sector.

Fabric manufacturers in India are mostly small-scale industrialist, they can’t compete with imported fabric, if they don’t get the raw material at competitive price. But then in India it is Ambani Group who again comes in to picture, if Government tries to regulate the price of textile raw material produced in India to compete with imported fabric! How to make mota-bhai unhappy!

Fabric manufacturing average cost is Rs.22.60 per meter and when it goes for sale, demand is at Rs. 21.80, what to do with this “Make In India” flagship product? Use as a shroud!

Thousands of power looms are stand still and few in operation are rented at Rs.400/- per month.

Why this anti-dumping duty policy is not applied to fabric as well along with raw material? Clueless Modi Government must answer this to thousands of jobless weavers and power-loom owners of Bhiwandi, Malegaon, Ichalkaranji, Erode, Coimbatore, Varanasi and other parts of the nation who had high hopes of “Acche Din Aane Wale Hain”

Time is not far when power-loom owners sell their looms in scrap on per kg rate to scrap dealer, if government keep sleeping over such a burning issue involving thousands and lakhs of households.

Advise to this clueless government is, dump this anti-dumping policy before people dump you!

Chances are less but still I wish main stream media covers the plight of power-loom operators and owners. MSM will not be doing any favor by covering it, it will be real nationalist duty.

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